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40th Anniversary Spotlight – Stanton Warren

40th Anniversary Spotlight – Stanton Warren

Emily Warnimont - Monday, June 22, 2020
In honor of Trans Ova’s 40th Anniversary, we have asked team members to reminisce about their time with Trans Ova and what excites them about the future.

We are down to our the final four of our team member spotlight to celebrate Trans Ova Genetics’ 40th Anniversary! This week our spotlight is on Stanton Warren who is celebrating 23 years with Trans Ova in 2020. Currently, Stanton is a Client Service Representative at our Chillicothe, Missouri location. Stanton has inspired Trans Ova to look beyond the cattle industry and has spearheaded the development and advancement of our small ruminant program! 

1.   What is your favorite Trans Ova memory? 
A memory that stands out in my mind is back when I very first started working here.  I was outside a great deal of the time and one day I was driving Dewayne’s truck and trailer down south near the feed bins.  The tractor was backed up to the bin to fill the blue monster with feed.  It had a bale stinger on the front; but the stinger was lifted up in the air with the long stinger somewhat pointing down.  I backed Dewayne’s trailer right under the stringer, proceeding to rip the fiberglass top of his trailer right down the center.  Of course, I had to tell him the news, which I obviously dreaded, severely.  His reaction was basically, “Guess I’ll have to get that fixed.” No yelling, cussing, throwing of any close items, etc.  Calm, cool and respectful.  I learned a lot that day from his great act of kindness towards me.   

2.   What do you like best about your time at Trans Ova?  
I like the challenge the best.  The challenge of being surrounded by genetics and reproduction and continually working to do “them” and make “them” better.  The opportunity to dig into the intricacies and see what’s working, what’s not working and then seeing how you and your team can tweak things to make “them” even better.   

3.   What excites you about the future of Trans Ova?  
The opportunity of bringing the extensive ART toolbox, that the bovine industry is afforded, to the small ruminant industry!   

4.   What thoughts and emotions come to mind when you think about Trans Ova’s 40th anniversary? 
Respect and appreciation for the people that built the foundation of Trans Ova and the same respect and appreciation for the people that have taken that foundation and continued to improve upon it.  Change and improvement are constants in our company.  Change can certainly be frustrating at times; but it’s necessary and generally creates an improvement of some kind.   

5.   In what different ways has Trans Ova excelled or grown in the last 40 years? 
Wow!  IVF!  I’ve watched our numbers go from half an embryo per procedure to an easy seven embryos per procedure.  I’ve watched IVF go from fresh only transfers to freezing gobs and gobs of embryos in a day to now improvements in conception rates made by freezing at day 6.5 in addition to day 7.  Those improvements don’t happen without someone saying “Hey, what if we tried this?” And, that’s the spirit of Trans Ova that I enjoy!   

6.   What is your biggest accomplishment at Trans Ova?  
Hopefully, my biggest accomplishment is somewhere in the future…let’s wait and see!
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